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3 Ways to Shop 

KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co. to the everyday consumer....

We understand the need for:

1. classic affordable finds

2. individualized styling tips

3. the opportunity to make the average dollar go further.


Find out all 3 ways to "Keep it KLassy" below.

1) KLassic Finds 

....KLassic clothing items and closet assets for affordable prices...

The KLassy Boutique will feature current clothing items and closet assets (watches, shoes, etc.) at affordable prices. All items featured in the KLassy Boutique are items ready for purchase that we believe are timeless. These finds are items we can always use and always need like (underwear, black dresses, shoes, professional attire, fut coats, purse, jewelry, etc.). All purchases made in the KLassy Boutique are eligible for KLassy points (see more information on option 3 below)

2) KLassy Personal Shopping Service 

....individualized styling and budgeting expertise by a KLassy Real Model...

The KLassy Personal Shopping Service offers the average consumer a KLassy shopping experience. A KLassy Real Model will communicate with you directly to offer individualized styling tips, coupon codes, sales catered to your closet needs. Because Keepin' it KLassy is also a lifestyle goal and we value ALL our clients, it is important that our clients live within their financial reality.  Our Real Models are trained to find each client style that matches their personality and their budget.

How to Request the KLassy Personal Shopping Service

1. Visit ____________

2. Decide whether you need help with styling tips (don't know what you want to wear) and/or budgeting tips (want to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck)


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