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KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co.



    As I’ve recently reflected on my emotions about friendship. I’ve come to realize I’m in search of loyalty and I have a krute way of loving myself to it. This revelation came about when I examined a friendship I have with a special someone. However, I’m a true believer that genuine people hold up mirrors. When they are authentically them, they allow others a light and room in the mirror to also see yourself. In looking at myself on my personal journey to a place of contentment. I found a krute and loyal Queen.



Krute = being unapologetically beautiful

Loyal = an intentional act of understanding love through time, trials, tribulations, true testimony, and success.

Love = a subjective emotion whose feeling or reflection can look different at the onset of intersecting other emotions with the propensity to change over time

Happiness = a subjective emotion, typically connoted with positive feeling

Contentment = a subjective emotion that doesn’t necessarily connote positive feelings like joy all the time, but has the ability to neutralize any situation or circumstance at any time, even with the onset of other emotions; not to be confused with complacency.


KRUTE (Definition = Unapologetically Beautiful)

“When the tide gets high just go low, hold your breath and take it slow… I might get wet, I might get thrown, but I’ll resurface all on my own.” -Khelani, Be Alright


    Khelani’s song, Be Alright has been one that’s helped me breathe during overwhelming currents. However, in reflection, I want to fill in the part after “we’re low, holding our breaths, and taking it slow.” with:


“Look around, go deeper, and find the pearl inside the oyster.” -Kie, KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co.


KLassy by Kierra Lucinda Ltd. Co. is the pearl inside my oyster. At the tender age of 24, I’ve recognized the need for a platform that specifically addresses the situations and problems I have experienced, am experiencing, and will experience as:

  1. A Black girl

  2. A Queen

  3. Someone with an old-school, KLassic upbringing

  4. Someone with self-diagnosed mental health issues

  5. A professional

  6. An entrepreneur

  7. An archivist

  8. An intellect

  9. A pretty girl

  10. A servant leader

  11. A sister

  12. An aunty

  13. A lover of chocolate

  14. A financially builder

  15. Spoiled brat

  16. A Legacy builder

  17. An Introvert extrovert

  18. A Child of God

  19. A Spiritual traveler

  20. A Recovering perfectionist

  21. A Naturalista

  22. A Fashionista

  23. A Writer


    After reading the list, you might’ve recognized we have several things in common, which is why I want to be clear that my platform is inclusive of anyone who feels they can take something away that has even a possibility of making a world more comfortable and spacious enough for Black Queens, specifically. I say this because while anyone can be unapologetically beautiful, black girls heard the chocolate tone of my voice when I said KRUTE. KRUTE is hearing the lioness roar behind an emotional outburst be that during joyful times like when she hears her favorite jam and can’t help, but dance or when she hears some poetic ass intellect that speaks to her soul and she has to “Yaaassss”. KRUTE is also when you’ve pissed her off so she pops off or the thing you call nagging, but she calls truthful motivation sometimes considered “tough love; and, just those flat out Whitley Gilbert-ish moments of spoiled brattism where she justifies her entitlement with her magical ass existence.


“A broken crown is like an eye boogie on a Black Queen, sometimes a little kruddy, but always on a cute ass pretty girl. We wake up like this.” -Kie, KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co.


Realizing the crust/krud in my eye, was a true wake up call. Personally, I’ve been on an intense self-love journey since high school, but in May of  2018, I started DATING myself. What does that mean exactly? Today, it means I’m my own girlfriend and the things I’d like right now from an outside significant other, I’m required to do for myself. Like what? Dates, reality checks, princess pampering, etc. These are all things I value in a relationship outside of natural and spiritual connection. However, I wasn’t always this intentional and the impact was to my own detriment just like a relationship with 2 people. Similarly, dating yourself and traditional relationships, allow you to celebrate growth and progress, especially when perfection is not the goal, but rather the goal be a permanence of habit to love despite of. I say this because often times, people talk about unconditional love and I call bull shit. Why? Because as a soon as you get mad at ‘em, that love might look different. Because as soon as I get hangry or anxious or impatient, I’ll snap on you and it feels different, but I still really love you. The issue comes to play when we talk about boundaries. How do I distinguish when to let your outburst slide with a pass of “my loved one needs a Snickers before I slap the …” (You get the jist. Lol) or that abusive lover who's slowly molding you in to an uncomfortable submission? The truth is when you allow love to serve as an action rather than an emotion you’re looking for, it gets dangerous and tricky because as many of us know love can be blinding. For me personally, it’s safer to eat my own love until I know how others prepare theirs. So, I don’t go out inviting folk to my table with the hope of them loving me. That’s the one sentiment I usually find most genuine in people and also the most aggravating thing to be in question over. So, I just rather approach with love and instead of looking for it, I call out for it and speak to it with a confidence that it’s somewhere near. So, if not love then what?


LOYALTY (intentional act of understanding love through time, trials, tribulations, true testimony, and success)

I’m looking for the understanding of my quirks and experiences with boundaries that create safe spaces to grow with tears, smiles, anxiety attacks, and peaceful vacays. The warm hand that holds mine through tough times right after I’ve cursed you out. Loyalty. The love with condition that just never stops, but spotlights itself through time, and testimony.


Cheers to being KRUTE and LOYAL, kisses for always “Keeping it KLassy”...




To that special someone, I hope you come to understand the kruteful tone of my voice when I’m upset to mean, “even when I say f*** you, I still love you, forever and always.” Like you, I too am still learning how to love my Kie and therefore, also learning to love my loved ones, realistically. As stated above, I’m not looking for your love anymore. I believe you when you tell me every time you say it. It’s your loyalty that I’m truly hoping to find...

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