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KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co. is a business style and lifestyle brand focused on providing classic style and service for your information, your pleasure, and your business acumen via retail/re-tale therapy... 

At KLassy by Kie Ltd Co. we are committed to helping support thriving, upcoming businesses and individuals achieve financial freedom and personal growth. Through our own journey to launch, we understand the different stages each business and individual may be at: from vision planning to event launch to website management to budgeting to updating their personal wardrobes. All KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co. services, programs, and events are setup for the unique individual needs of each business or lifestyle client. 

We look forward to hearing from you and would love for you to find out how you can join our team now. 

We are extremely honored to welcome you to our business and hope to partner with you soon...

Current Services

KLassy Trading

  • Kie's Weekly Trading Plan/Guide

  • Upcoming Training Events

  • Notes on Forex Trading

  • Trading Vlogs

  • Mogul State of Mind Member Resources

Click to access: KLassy Trading

KLassy Shopping

  • Personal Shopping Consultation - FREE

  • Fashion Vlogs and Pics - coming soon!

Referred by KLassy Real Model

KLassy Krowns 

(Personal Development Gems)

  • Weekly Personal Development Plan/Guide

  • Notes on Personal Development content

  • Personal Reflection Posts and Vlogs

  • Live Events 

  • Weekly Accountability Phone Calls

  • Notes on Hair, Nails, and Skin - coming soon!

Click to access: KLassy Krowns

  • Social Media Management and Curation

  • Website Management

  • Candidate Search and Interviewing

  • Technologically Savvy Tips

Contact Us

Our team at KLassy is ready to hear from you!

 Please feel free to contact us at ANYTIME via the contact form below.

Tel: 405-537-4472



by Kie LTD. CO.

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Contact Us
Mogul State of Mind with Mike Smoove
Samaria Ari Fitness
Total Life Changes with Shoni

KLassy Real Models


KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co. truly believes in surrounding ourself with amazing friends, business partners, and overall support. The KLassy Real Models featured to the left all provide exceptional quality service within their expertise of business. We encourage you to visit their websites and support their journeys to success as well. 


Not sure who you should contact for what? No worries, simply scroll up to our contact form or e-mail us at and let us know what type of service you're interested in. We'll be in contact within 24-48 hours. 

We hope to hear from you soon!

KLassy Ka$h

Ways to Earn

KLassy Ka$h

1) KLassic Promotions 

....KLassic items and assets for affordable prices...

The KLassy by Kie Ltd Co. brand will feature current promotions for klassic business and lifestyle needs such as electronic deals, technology sales, meal plans, vacation specials, and much more. These finds are items we believe will compliment a KLassy lifestyle and/or business style. Simply order a promotion through KLassy to earn KLassy Ka$h which can be redeemed at certain times throughout the year for awesome prizes like free website creation services, event tickets, clothing items, books, accessories, and much more.


...see this week's klassic promotion below...

Spring is Here!.png

This week's ordering instructions:

1. Click the following website link to access the website 

2. Screenshot or write-down the product code for the specific bouquet you'd like ordered or give the KLassy by Kie Ltd. Co. team relevant information like (budget amount, colors, type, etc) and let us make some recommendations.

3. Communicate back and forth via KLassy chat services on website, text, or phone call for KLassy team to retreive order and delivery logistics like shipping address, billing address etc.

4. Send payment for item(s) via link

5. Receive confirmation of placed order via e-mail and any other preferred communications

6. Receive thank you e-mail with KLassy Ka$h total to-date.

2) KLassy Giveaways

....KLassic items and assets for free...

The KLassy by Kie Ltd Co. brand will feature current giveaways for a diverse selection of items and assets to help compliment your life style and business style. Simply click the button for instructions on how to enter and real-time notification of upcoming giveaways. The ENTER GIVEAWAY NOW button will be purple when there is a live giveaway. 

...see the current KLassy giveaway below...

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